Unsafe ATC at KORD right now

Whats wrong with that controller?He dont see actual weather at airfield
In real life in that case after landing crew must write report about bad ATC


I think there is something wrong right now on Chicago. Were you on the advanced server. I just got ghosted for not following I instructions even though I was. But I noticed the open and closed runways kept changing and at first I announced my taxi on unicom then got told off by a live ground frequency for not requesting taxi.

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Well I see a couple of issues here from both sides.

  • the aircraft is way too close and high above the airfield, going at over 300kts IAS. You should be lower and slower - your plane should be travelling at a speed safe enough to maneuver appropriately around the airfield. (that’s as far as the plane goes)

  • the 32L base would involve some really tight turns. From your weather radar it would seem an ‘enter downwind for runway 28C’ would have made more sense. While the tailwind is probably close to the limits for that airplane, pilot probably could have made a safe landing on that runway still, but from a positioning point of view it doesn’t make as much sense… to me anyway.

But I don’t know why the pilot was ghosted - and none of us will know, - because we don’t have a message log for the communications between ATC and Tower among the screenshots the pilot posted.


In case when airfield has one runway-no question,but crew in addition usually see runway condition
In that case its not a controller-its Gamer

Silly question-its not dangerous,Its Unsafe

Just now he instructed me to take off on runway 04L, which had a 20 knot tailwind… It turned out fine but seemed a little unsafe maybe…

Is this advanced or playground?

Advanced. filler


By the way,14L and 14R some comfortable for approach,any real controller knows about tailwind component and never make decision against crew


I told you several times to enter a specific runway and you did not listen… Also you were going too fast.
Even if the runway shows inactive, ATC can still use the runway, that is what I was told…

I was controlling for some time, but here is is @Tristin_Woolf controlling.

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Was that me who did that? If it was I’m sorry. Did you request a runway change? Also you could’ve announced a go around if you though you were coming in too steep.

@d3v1nO I didn’t ghost you…

Listen to me guys
If you wanna play Game-no problem
If you wanna play real Flight Simulator - we need change rules of Game
In real life when crew requesting other runway for approach-controller must to give them their request.Over.

Only Crew can fix-What Safe and What Unsafe,understand me?


We will discuss this with the controller. While the pattern entry command and runway use is questionable, it’s important to always follow ATC instructions. I appreciate the feedback and it will be addressed.


I was using 27s and 28s for arrivals, but in his this case those approaches would have gotten too crowded with no approach frequency, there were several aircraft inbound and I tried to space them out between the 27s and 28s. There was no room for him in those approaches. I didn’t want him landing at a runway that crosses over other runways that people were landing on. So I thought that the best choice was 32L as it was out of the way from and not crossing the 27s and 28s. When I first told him to go to 32L he had plenty of time to change his course to 32L base. He just ignored my request and continued on his path, not to mention that he was too high and fast. Him landing at 22 would have caused him to be crossing other runways that people were simultaneously landing at, making it DANGEROUS.