Unruly Passenger Causes Diversion to Logan

British Airways flight 2039 to Orlando from Gatwick was diverted after reports of an unruly passenger. Passengers are safe and are currently going through customs. The flight is expected to continue to Orlando later tonight.


Some passengers these days…


I know right…

Well, I never had an experience of being in a flight with unruly passengers, but that must be annoying.

I was on that flight before…

Lucky most planes are ‘designed’ for this. Cut the alcohol plz!


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Agreed. Alcohol is becoming an issue regarding passenger’s temperament and attitude towards flight staff. It’s not necessary in my opinion. If you need it, take the train.

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I’m only a teen so I’m not sure of buying alcohol on a plane, but is there some sort of limit to how much you can drink on a plane? Do flight attendants stop you after drinking a few too many?

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Yes, a good flight attendant should recognize when one has too much to drink, although there’s a catch. A bartender can just throw an unruly drunk out, not an option at FL30 (unfortunately :-)) Not to mention the surplus of available alcohol in the terminal, many passengers will just drink there before their flight. In that case the poor flight attendants have no control over how much one can drink. For me, the sheer cost of buying booze on a plane stops me. I had two scotches on my flight to Denver and it cost me $18.00. I didn’t care at the time but it was a pretty big waste of money.


Also there’s medical studies that show how alcohol consumption on a flight can be quite dangerous depending on the person’s preexisting medical state due to the altitude and air saturation. Not sure of the details on this one, probably worth checking out though.

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This is outrageous then. Everyone has their right to drink alcohol if they want to, but there should be some sort of limit like 2 drinks maximum. If someone drinks high amounts before the flight, then it can be dangerous for the fight attendants when they’re attending to that drunk passenger not to mention othe passengers on the plane as well.

I can’t drink on flights. I’m a one can wonder on the ground. And I don’t drink beer or wine. One of those tiny little bottles of spirits is too much for me at altitude. Need a wheelbarrow to get me off the plane. 😂

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