Unresponsive touch screen while using Infinite Flight v20.1

Hello, ever since I updated IF, my brother and I are experiencing very unresponsive touch screens, and that only happens when we’re using IF.

Most of the time, the screen won’t respond unless we click the same button 2-3 times.

Other than that, everything Is normal.

I’m using an iPad Mini 5 with over 100GB free, and my bro Is using an iPad Air.

Is this a known issue?

With the IPad mini the touchscreen might not be that responsive but with the IPad Air Idk.

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I don’t think that’s the case. The Touch screen Is very responsive In all other apps, Including IF before 20.1.

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Sad you are experiencing issues, may I ask you to do a soft restart before starting a flight?

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Its because of the lag ig

I have the same issue. I have sooo many on my mini 4:

  • I’m stuck on the map (screen unresponsive) causing me to loose everything I just flew for
  • I find my touchscreen unresponsive
    *IF just delays EVERYTHING, even the turning off function
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Hello, thanks for your help.
But I always soft restart my iPad before every flight, as someone once told me that it reduces the possible chances of game crashing.
I’ve been doing this long before this issue came. :/
It didn’t work.

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Are you using any plane in particular, or you flying into busy areas?

A last question: does this happened to you before the release of v20.1?

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It happens at all times now :( Regardless of the plane and the area I’m flying at.

And no, this issue has never happened to me before 20.1. 🤔

For some reason I see this happening to me sometimes and only when my iPad is plugged into the outlet 🔌. I use iPad Pro 2017 and it happened even before the 20.1 update.


Unfortunately for me, it happens at all times, and not only when my device Is plugged. :(

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