Unresponsive game

Sometimes when I’m flying half of the screen is unresponsive
Device: IPad 8th gen
OS: IOS 16.4

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When you enable “show touches” in the settings, do the white dots appear on the screen?

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Only sometimes when I touch the affected area

Well, that means the game isn’t detecting your inputs. If its a certain area only, most likely the issue is caused by your device. Any issues with other apps?

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Sometimes other apps, and yes it’s a part of the screen

Tried restarting the device didn’t work

It works for a bit then starts going bonkers again

It’s almost certainly an issue with your device. If you wanna make sure, do this and move the dot across all of your screen.

If you have any screen protectors, try removing them. If not, might need to look into the issue further.


Thanks for helping! I’ll see if this works

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That can happen to me too

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