Unresponsive flight controls for some planes

Idk if its like just me but lately ive been having trouble flying some aircraft such as the B747 series and the MD11/DC10 series. After climbing to around FL320 and above, it suddenly starts dropping in altitude to the point where it stalls and once i disconnect the A/P To fix it. It suddenly does a nose down attitude and ive tried to calibrate it again and again in different angles but i still get the same result.

Hmmmm…what V/S are you climbing at to FL320.

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The vertical speed your climbing at may be way to high compared to the weight of your aircraft. Ever heard of step climbing? It allows you to reduce your weight and during your flight slowly climb to your crushing altitude. Check it out on the forum there are many topic about it.


FL320 is often the first cruise Altitude of a long-haul flight.

Step-Climbing is irrelevant here.

@tmvdl27 my question above in my first post? ☝🏻☝🏻

No, it’s really not. Step climbing if often used in long hauls as the aircraft is often too heavy at takeoff. Smaller aircraft and smaller flights often only climb to about fl320. Please check before you say… :)


Well let’s see what V/S he says he climbed at. If it is a low V/S then we can eliminate the Step-Climbing problem, even at 100% load i have gotten a 747/DC10 to FL320 just fine by climbing at a low V/S

If he is climbing with a high V/S then that would be why he is stalling

If you want to discuss more, PM me

@tmvdl27 Can you answer the V/S question please so we can help you.

@BennyBoy_Alpha as a real world BA pilot, I’m surprised you didn’t know this.

The OP has currently gone offline. Please be patient for him

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He has PMed me and we are discussing it.

I am well aware of the Step-Climbing procedures. However the fact that he climbed to a too high altitude isn’t the problem. It was the potential V/S he was climbing at, but his V/S (so he told me) wasn’t that high - so he is going to send me a video of what happens.

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Ok, that’s all we needed to know. We just didn’t get a reply so we didn’t know the exact numbers of it

Anything long haul i usually fly about FL380 and up for optimal speed and fuel burn. I find it weird that when in a 777 it works fine but switching to any of those aircraft i mentioned. It performs like that

Climb from take off to FL100 is about 2500 then up to FL230 about 2000 then FL240 above around 1600-1800

If you’re flying heavy on a long haul, sometimes it’s better to have a much lower VS… I’ll sometimes climb as low as 500v/s if heavy enough 🙂

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