Unresponsive ATC

I was at EGLL and tower wasn’t responding to anyone for 20 minutes if anyone knows how the atc is please tell me thanks!

They could be having a connection issue and don’t know what to do, don’t assume they are dumb. 🙂

If this was on TS1 then I wouldn’t expect them to ever respond.

Cut the ATC some slack. Maybe it was their first time.

This also belongs in #atc

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I’m assuming this was on TS1, in which case there is nothing you can do.


I don’t think that “Dumb Atc” is a appropriate title! Plus, you are not on training server atc isn’t the best so don’t expect the best atc!
Update: Thank you for changing it

To be fair, the majority of the pilots are pretty uninformed as well as you didn’t even know a connection issue could be the problem! You’re flying on a training server.

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You can do something, you can PM @Nelson1982.

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20 minutes? You requested four times at least in the same minute.

It’s training server, ATC is learning, just as pilots are learning that if you request the same thing 4 times in a minute you’ll find yourself on TS permanently

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Looks like he wasn’t alone when if comes to spamming the frequency if you look at that screenshot.

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I have just been ghosted and degrades to Grade 2 by @Marco_B by mistake due to this ATC server issue. Need to contact him to reverse.

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I will set up a Pm for you to discuss with him. Sit tight :)

Thank you very much!

Check your inbox. PM created with you and Marco. If he is still controlling please be patient for for him to respond.

Yeah, ‘pilots’ is plural

Thats why I am on training server and yes I did ask for takeoff both in one minute but I did not spam him like others

I would just like to point out that you should be behind the hold short line untill cleared for takeoff/luaw 😉

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I lined up the runway anyway and then Unicom appeared seconds later.

Why would you request to remain in the pattern at EGLL, at 1820Z? It’s seems busy after reading all those callsigns, and the fact that EGLL is usually busy.

I didn’t know what I was even doing at that time, I was just so mad at the air traffic controller

MaxSez: As far as I’m concerned only Moderator @Levet response was creditable. Appears everyone wants to get into the act, or take a shot. Gather the fact, the first question is what server. Proceed from there. The good old connection problem type comments are a given for example. You bloviatorer need to learn Decision Theory before you jot next time. Your negitives and unfounded opinions are not helpful. G’nite…