Unresponsive ATC at LAX

ATC has been active for 10hrs at LAX and isn’t responding

Hello @V1RoRo

On which server do you see it ?

I just spawned into both servers and there was no ATC at LAX on either.

Interesting. Expert Server. I tuned into ATIS and Tower never got a response

Yeah I was spawned in for a few minutes and no frequency came up

It appears that @J-F_V closed at LAX several hours ago so it must be some sort of a glitch.


Yup some sort of glitch

Here my times opened

Sorry for the inconvenience


I had a friend who was having problems with communication. He was trying to find someone to open any frequency, whether tower or ground, and to test some commands because he was unable to receive instructions from ATC. it might probably be that, JFV always responds

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