Unresponsive AP?

This is probably one of the dumbest supports I am going to make, but it made me drop to Grade 3 so I’m still going to ask about it.

So I was flying from Istanbul to Singapore and during my descent, I noticed that I was gaining some speed (Descent V/S was around -2100. Have to look at the replay to remember the exact V/S) To try and slow down, I used the spoilers, and even flaps. After doing so, I was still gaining speed and the speed warning had showed up, and so I desperately set my flaps to 30 to avoid the violation. (I was going to disengage AP, but I had to re calibrate first as I took off and landed in a different spot & position. Note, this was an overnight flight) I had also adjusted V/S to around -1600 if I remember correctly, and my plane still DID NOT ADJUST :( After that, I further increased my V/S to the point where it was almost / already positive, and nothing changed! I had already received 1 speed violation and I’ve had enough. I disengaged AP with the hopes that I was calibrated properly. (I don’t like calibrating while my aircraft is not flat / stable as it will mess things up. Also, I had incidents before where the calibration was really messed up even though I calibrated it in a proper position) Once the AP was disengaged, I quickly brought the nose up, and fixed myself. Luckily, I was still able to have a “successful” 10 hour flight.

So my question here is, why didn’t the V/S adjust when I changed it?
Aircraft: B777-200ER

You calibrated with your device level, but not your plane. The result is to be expected. Having trouble bleeding speed at -2100 isn’t all that surprising either.

Were you flying an MD/DC, by chance?

No, I was flying the B777-200ER. I know the descent was a little steep, but I don’t think that should be the cause of the V/S not responding.

Also, what do you mean by “You calibrated with your device level, but not your plane”

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