Unrecorded Live Flight


Around 130000ZNOV6, a steered United 787-10 departed KLAX, heading LERJ. I slept almost all throughout the entire flight. 30 mins before landing, I noticed a bugged terrain (see picture) and my flight hours and experience, as seen on the top-right profile, is not increasing. Even the weather is not changing and timezone is still at Los Angeles.

After flight, I looked for changes in flight hours and experience for it may all add-up after but it didn’t.



Note: All flights were flown on live.

Profile after flight:

Notice that the flight time in summary was logged but wasn’t recorded on online profile.

Can I still have the lost hours and experiences? Please also look into the terrain.


Your device may have timed out on its connection? (The grade not loading according to picture)

It takes a little bit for a the flight results to hit your account. Because the logbook is “local” its an instant recording. But where your stats are displayed, it’s communicated via your signin account to your profile and it takes some time for the information to get sent, and processed.


If I am not mistaken, the flight time and exp changes from time to time from takeoff. Does it mean that connection timed out when I’m still around KLAX?

Your XP was added, see for yourself:

From the summary after the flight:

From your account profile:

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It didn’t. Sorry if I can’t provide picture before flight. I’m sure that’s the XP from previous flight.

Well, shouldn’t be a problem nonetheless. As accumulated XP + flight time are updated on the servers continuously throughout your flight, it should be added to the account page shortly if it’s not already there.


I wouldn’t be to worried about the stats as @schyllberg said it’s being added while you fly. Also I would do a reinstall to fix that terrain bug, as the same thing happened to me when I first attempted a ultra long haul flight and a reinstall fixed it.

Yeah that’s my point. No experience nor hours gained all throughout. Until now, nothing is received. Anyway, everything went back to normal. Did flights; xp accumulates. The terrain went ok as well.

Hopefully, I’m the only one to experience that dismaying bug.

Thank you everyone.

Will reply if it happen again on my next long haul.

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