Unrecognized / Barely Used Airports

So, I’m creating this topic to talk about the airports in Infinite Flight that are not recognized as much as “it should be”(opinion based). These airports would generally be ones that are good but not that many people ever use them. Also, one of the goals of this topic is to bring light to airports that are barely used and to give some inspiration to fly to these airports. If mentioning an airport, give some background to show what makes the airport special and why people should use it more.

would be cool if people fly there more often

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This actually seems like a duplicate topic. Sorry.

That topic mentions the airports that are “undeserved” but here the purpose is to inspire people to use a new airport that is barely used.

KDFW definitely!

That’s the same intent as the other one.

Flew out of here recently, loved it!

CYUL. No one ever flies to Montreal

Any airport in New Zealand, amazing views and amazing country to fly around