Unreasoned report

Manoel G, could you please contact me via PM, I’m unable to find your IFC name.

So yesterday I was flying from Copenhagen to BIKF for the FNF. During final approach my user got disconnected so I didn’t have access to ATC or live so I landed the plane in an empty airport if that makes sense. Today I wake up to see I’m down one grade because I got reported? Don’t know who the ATC was on approach although I‘d love to know as he sent me cruising around the Airport twice on approach for about 30 mins. I would love for this to be fixed as soon as possible. Don’t really know why I was reported. If it was because I wasn’t using ATC then it ain’t my fault as my user got disconnected. **

You can check your logbook an contact the listed controller via PM to (politely) discuss.

They will provide their reasoning. (Being delayed at the FNF hub is not uncommon, and doesn’t negate the standards, but perhaps it was in error. But only the controller would know.)

Ok but what’s his IFC name, name was Manoel G

@MannyG is your man. He will be in touch shortly

Thanks very much!