Unreasonable Report and Ghost

On approach into EDDP runway 26L. everything is usual. Director instructs me to turn heading 170 and under 190 knots. I comply, and a few moments later. I overshoot the runway. I do not do anything and ATC doesn’t do anything. And one second later i’m reported. I didn’t do anything wrong and he said “do not follow flight plan” but I didn’t even had one. I was just waiting for his instructions.

It’s kinda annoying that ATC just get triggered over some pilot missing an approach and ghosting them. Ghosting is almost abused in a way that if the pilot doesn’t do exactly as ATC follows like a robot they should be ghosted. I’ve never been given a second chance to go around or redo an approach and it’s really annoying because I have to wait another month before I can fly in the expert servers again. It’s also really annoying as in my case the ATC is always correct. But if the controller messes up or is late he can just blame it on me. Talking about how Infinite Flight “seeks to become the most realistic flight sim in mobile” isn’t helping with the overpriced and poorly moderated expert servers.

There is also a big issue with the reason for report. I doubt it is checked, ever. It may be a valid reason but it isn’t fair because no one actually checks them. It’s also very general and lacks detail. I want to know what I did wrong so it doesn’t happen again, but if they just say “Don’t follow flight plan” when I’m not, how does that help?

I’m just saying this isn’t my first time being unrightfully ghosted without a specific or detailed reason. And I’m sure that other pilots has experienced this too.

It’s just annoying.

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Hey there, @Corntal!

Please take a look at your logbook, and tell us the name of the controller. We will then tell you the person’s IFC name so you can contact him, and discuss on the issue.

Likely me, I’ll send you a DM @Corntal

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This is incorrect.

When pilots actually follow the procedures and PM the controller (instead of opening a public thread with everyone who wasn’t there), they can be reviewed by moderators.

The reason you never see it is because as controllers we don’t get to show how different the stories you see in the public threads are from what really happened outside of the PM.


That’s wrong, you only have to wait a week… It’s either you get a week off expert or a couple months because you have over 5 reports, that being 6. And you’d have to wait exactly a year from first report before it drops down to 5🙂👍

In this case the smartest thing to do was to end your flight. In the real world, you don’t overshoot the runway and then get promoted to chief pilot. Its actually the opposite.

Handled via DM