Unreasonable ghosting by the ATC

I was just about to flyout from frankfurt International Airport to Switzerland(expert server) but suddenly i was reported by the ground ATC, the report said inappropriate call sign i believe it was nothing near to inappropriate it was just a part of history the call sign was ’ WAFFENSS’ and anyways i was going to change it once i realised it was germany that i was flying out of and it may be a sensitive callsign to keep, still no warnings were given and i was just reported this is kind of abusing the reporting option by the ATC there should be some kind of checks and balances before any report is approved this is just a suggestion but quite a serious one, i do hope the infinite flight service provider see into these reporting abuse matters. Thank you.

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@USA007 is your controller, please PM him to discuss.


That’s really self-explanatory. It was a name associated with an attrocious regime. Just use decent callsigns next time.


You should address the IFATC member directly.
They will tell you what went wrong and you can sort it out there.

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Your call sign might have been too long, it’s distracting for other pilots having to hear every letter pronounced in the phonetic alphabet.

I see no reason to doubt how this is potentially inappropriate

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Google it but its very offensive

Personally, i believe that there is a reason to ghost mainly due to what it could cause

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The controller will pm you. Welcome to community.

That’s a pretty inappropriate callsign.

I don’t get why people joke about the Nazis. It’s horrible what happened.

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What Joke?

The fact that his callsign was named after them

Some may see it as inappropriate, some may not.

This report will be handled by the controller VIA PM

No need to respond further everyone