Unreasonable ATC

I don’t move the ground in london.I send it out Request Taxi but he give me hold position but I dont know have Impose restrictions

Perhaps the ATC is having you hold position for another aircraft to move?


I dont konw have Impose restrictions on

Is this happening now?

have Impose restrictions on

Are you using google translate to write this?

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I am the ground controller at London Heathrow. There was a gate hold in effect for about 20 minutes due to the high number of aircraft on queue for departure.

It is important that you follow ATC instructions at all times! We appreciate everyone’s patience.


A rough Chinese translation if you want it: 飞机太多,所以有些人不能 走

Hope this is accurate my Chinese is v bad


I was there right before Jose so not sure who were your controller. But if you think you can embarrass and report the controller in front of others here, like what you just said in a very rude way on the Chinese QQ group, you are wrong and incredibly childish. If you can’t understand a simple holding instruction at an extremely busy airport, just leave. Any airports are not active for you only!


Controller responded and explained above. If you’ve received a violation, feel free to contact the Appeals team to review it. Thanks!