Unreasonable ATC

Jeffery Tian he is a ATC ,but he Instructions give Unreasonable. I’m two heights away from the front plane. He gave me a speed limit,.Do you know he said?
He said that height was out of his consideration. A friend of mine, He was the first plane.His call sign is Cathay 251VA Heavy He was inexplicably circled.

He was inexplicably circled by ATC.

Hello there, and sorry to hear that you’ve had some poor experiences with ATC. In order to best resolve this, I suggest you contact @JeffreyTian via DM and discuss the matter further.


As far as I know, for this event, you’re landing at the same airport, so I don’t think any problem adjusting the spacing while limiting the speed in the air :)

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Your VA CEO let me to do your ATC of the event.He told me that if there’s someone not follow my instructions,give a warning or report him.I gave warning 3 times and your friend still not listen to me,so I reported him.Now you guys are turning back and said bad words on other Apps.There’s good relationship with your CEO and me,I don’t wanna make it worse to me.I gave my replay to your CEO and he said I’m right.Come on guys,we did a discussion on QQ and you come here to said what I did,Is this a brave guy doing?


If you have any trouble adjusting the speed limit, you can also click the link below to read it, I think it will help you

Best to resolve in pm