Unrealistic Winds Inflight

Okay so now this is a discussion of aircraft physics. I don’t think you can expect every aspect of a mobile simulator to be modeled 100% perfectly. If you don’t like the weather you can fly somewhere else. If you use simbrief you can even see the estimated winds aloft before your flight!

Well too bad, you have to deal with what it is.

Dude, the devs can’t work on anything.

And i don’t agree with this, they added sooo many features and just because of some winds, you say that this isn’t that realistic?


I want to just add an addition if I may: I never meant to sound like a downer or that I think this simulator is not realistic. This is hands down the best mobile aircraft simulator but that does not mean there are not places to be improved. I was just saying that the physics could be improved but this is not an urgent issue and I would rather the devs work on more 3d airports and aircraft and get to physics when they have a spare chance.

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