Unrealistic Wind in Infinite flight

hello, i am currently doing a multiplayer training flight from Detroit to Florida and my winds are above 250kts that is very unrealistic. we should be able to change the winds if we want.



250kts sounds like a bugged report from NOAA (where we get the data from) since the highest winds I can find are around 120kts. Could you share a screenshot of this?

In response to setting your own winds - not something we will have on multiplayer since it would cause a lot of strange inconsistencies. But you can do that on Solo :)


Ah, yes, this is realistic.


😂😂😂😂😂😂…picture if you will Lol

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It’s not entirely without precedent. Around Feb of this year the Washington Post showed the map below along with the words:

"Winds roared to speeds of 265 mph high over Washington — at about 35,000 feet above ground, cruising altitude for airplanes — as a powerful jet stream swept over the region late Saturday. These winds allowed at least three commercial aircraft to reach speeds over 800 mph.
Planes top 800 mph as near-record winds sweep high over Mid-Atlantic (msn.com)

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Highest I’ve ever encountered was in neighborhood of 220-225kt over the Pacific resulting in a ground speeds of 740-750KT.

ForeFlight FPL and Tracking with Pacific Jet overlay and GS:

From the Flight Deck:

Never seen winds that high in IF and no upper level winds at 250KT on the GFS anywhere in the world atm.


Yeah, I should maybe have stated that while the occurrence of a 250kt winds aloft is not unrealistic, an occurrence of that size is extremely rare - at the level of record breaking. So, the odds are something was mispresented or misunderstood in the reporting of something looking like such a rare event. But there is some chance…

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Well I don’t have a pic but I am guessing it is a bug I was at FL390 and had to go down to FL240 to get out of that wing

Actually those numbers are quite feasible and realistic. You need to consider the time of year too it’s this time of year you will see you could see upper level winds reaching those speeds. The only way I can see I want to defend if I had that it was if it was heading into the wind so what direction were you heading. You have to take into account the time of year and the season or season change as the Northern hemisphere it is very plausible to get winds in that range. The only reason why I would descend is if it was a direct headwind or a headwind in general.