Unrealistic wind at KDEN

There is more than 100 kts gust at KDEN which seem too high, there was even 150 kts wind. I got lot of overspeed warning. It hit me hard when I was almost at final for 35L, I was fighting for control while trying to go around, it almost flipped my plane over couple of times. My infinite passengers were scared to death, I had 96 souls onboard. 🤣

The METAR report say that there’s less than 10 kts wind at KDEN. I’m not sure if it’s at my end because I was running infinite passengers in background while flying.


Wind got calmer when I was 1 km from the runaway, but got worse again which that time I decided to go around.


I decided to end my flight instead of trying to land or divert back to Colorado Springs, my Boeing 737-800 was way out of my control.

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Super calm bright sunny day IRL.

Yeah METAR report agree with you, there was less than 10 kts wind all day with plenty of visible distance.

I just spawned and did a few circles, wind seems fine…

The weather system used for live sometimes has trouble receiving the new weather report and ends up glitching during your live session. Although rare, it does happen to a few of us.

Nothing to worry about though - the issue is usually brief.


Confirmed to be glitch, spawned there and only got 3 kts wind. Thanks for replying to my support topic.

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EIGHTY SIX KNOTS??? At least you survived!