Unrealistic Users

I have been noticing that some people just takeoff strait from the gate and don’t get clearance. Or they buzz an active airport going 1200 knots. If this is you, can you please stop!


I take it you’re on the casual or training servers?


Training server

You’ll have that there.


I get it. But why don’t they just do that in casual so profesional people don’t have to deal with it

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Because its training and it’s the highest server they can fly probably. Some folks have no clue.


Hey there

Many people in those servers like to so called “troll” other users to ruin the flight experience or they use those server in case if there in a rush and they can cheat a little…

Also don’t get me wrong not everyone in casual and training servers troll…many are there with no clue with aviation and try to learn and others also there to train and improve on there level

So soon as you get to Grade 3 you unlock expert server were you will expect the most professionalism in infinite from taxing to flying till landing! and when they do troll the is a MASSIVE ghost button for IFATC and staff which they can ban them for a week of the expert server!

Unfortunately you can’t stop those people in those servers as the rules are very basic and casual server well…


I wish they go to casual. Because training server is not trolling server.

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or they could use solo

Look, you can’t control these people who troll and violate all these rules on Training Server. TS is not supposed to be a playground but unfortunately it’s been like that because of the fact that there is ATC to attract the trolls. If your on TS then deal with it, there isn’t the powerful ghost button for TS and these trolls are everywhere.

Hang in there, you’ll be grade 3 and flying expert in no time

As soon as Laura gets me on the staff team i’ll install Anti Aircraft Guns for the good people like you but for now just head to somewhere quiet, get yourself to Grade 3 and then onto expert. Once on Expert, the IFATC and Staff will protect you with their big button and theirs is a lot lot bigger than Trump and “Rocket Man” 's combined.

Safe Flying,


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You could honestly go hang out in Canada and Alaska. Its usually pretty quite up there. Thats how I originally got to grade 3.

It seems to be every time I attempt to do some ATC lol

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If you find SWA225, FDX38 or H145NJ on there or the display name (SWV,FDXV,IFGAC or nothing) IPP HADEN then they are doing full professionalism

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Report them to mods and the mods could ban them, but yes trolling on TS should have consequences.

If it’s a featured airport and there’re many other users around, I don’t think I’ll be expecting much professionalism given all the drama that has happened here in the past.

agreed. thx

I think we need anti aircraft guns on IF it’s really gonna help sounds like a good feature request and i see people voting for this haha.

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I think that taking off from a rwy should be an instant violation on TS