Unrealistic procedure at Casablanca

ATC is using runway 35L (which doesn’t exist IRL) for landings.

As you can see the taxiways to that runway are cut. The runway isn’t even numbered. I hope ATC can stop using that runway and be realistic.

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The IFATC manual says to use all available runways. If it’s a runway in the game, it should be used (with the exception of some TFRs.)


They should have known this the controllers.


Does this count for runways that don’t exist irl though?


If IF registers it as a runway, it will most likely be utilized as such.

At Gatwick runway 08R/26L is numbered as a runway but it isn’t used.


That’s because there’s a TFR there, like I said earlier.

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Yes, however there is a TFR saying to use it as a taxiway. It is also there in IF because irl it can be utilized as a runway when 26L/08R has maintenance or an emergency

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To be fair, when I took off from Casablanca 3 hours ago the traffic and the waiting lines were INSANE so it definitely helped


Well I can see how it was registered as a runway, but its not a runway. I’ve also seen on an ATC schedule somewhere when Tyler said that a runway at a certain airport was to be used as a taxiway, like it is irl. I’ll have to look for it.

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For the third time, yes, there are exceptions to this rule, but unless it is explicitly stated by someone in authority, controllers should utilize all available runways.


Also, maybe there isn’t a TFR here because it’s a lesser known airport.

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All I want is for ATC to just stop using that runway. They should handle Casablanca as being a single runway airport. I seriously do not see what the issue is.

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Lets say you walk to school each day. The walk is half a mile and you walk on the road because the sidewalk is in very, very poor shape. One day, you school closes for one reason or another and you have to walk to your new school which is 10 miles away. Not only that, but the road is now the busiest in your town and there are cars whizzing by left and right. Are you gonna walk on the road or the sidewalk?

Casablanca most definitely never sees the level of traffic it saw today, and if it did they would probably need another runway. Unfortunately, you can’t get what you want all the time. Sorry.


The traffic in Infinite Flight is often not realistic so some give and take is needed in regards to realistic procedures.

There is a TFR in place at EGKK due to the lack of hold short lines causing confusion for pilots.


The issue is the unrealistic amount of traffic.

ATC is going to use all runways available and there’s no discussion about it.


But if there was that amount of traffic at FIMP for example, ATC would have no choice but to deal with it.

The issue is that pilots do not research and follow real world procedures. If the airport is edited as a runway then it will be used as such.

If you were in IFATC you would be expected to utilize all runways and not create undo delay for pilots on the ground.


This is getting old. And similar things have been explained so many times already.