Unrealistic Flying at VHHH

Unfortunately ever since VHHX has become 3D (Which I am thrilled about, glad HK is getting represented!), that pilots have been spawning in at the maintenance gate. Now this would be fine obviously, however they then do not pushback, they taxi straight across the grass and not even following the taxiways for the runway, unannounced and then take-off unannounced again, just so they can land a checkerboard approach. This has been seen on Expert Server multiple times. If this was any other server I would not find this bad, but on Expert this should not be happening. I experienced this again earlier, but this time the two aircraft spawned and performed the same unannounced taxi to the runway, then blocked both entrances to the runway, I managed to get away with the person I was flying with before the A380 blocked the second entrance, we then watched them wait for a good 20-30 minutes before both simultaneously taxiing onto the runway and taking off at the same time. If people want to do this, this should be done on the Casual or Training Server!


I have never done this and their is really nothing that can be done if there isn’t active ATC

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I know, just hoping the fact something is said puts it on the radar when people control VHHX or hopefully pilots see it and decide to do it on the CS or TS instead

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Very annoying to see this happen in a very dear airport…
I agree that the grade 3 requirements should increase to try to reduce the number of pilots like this in ES.


Agree. Recently there are bunch of pilots with 50 hrs of flight time just messing around in expert server. I have see many many many unprofessional behaviours. Few weeks ago in Heathrow one newbie didn’t even understand the “line up and wait” command. Then on the last FNF dude behind me on final approach decided to land at 180 knots in a 737, like seriously please do something IF.


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