Unrealistic Expectations of Training Server ATC

Excuse the title, I must first say I have recently found, subscribed, and enjoyed Infinite Flight. It’s almost as full featured as the best desktop simulator with better aircraft graphics; the fact that it can be played on an iPad… tops it all off. That being said I’m working my way through the ranks, currently I’m on grade 2 and have been presently surprised by the lack of competence or at least attempt to be competent of many of the controllers that I’ve encountered. I would have expected there to be some level of ATC ability in grade 1 to accommodate those that wish to simply, get their feet wet… perhaps I just have unrealistic expectations. All this to say, I love the simulator and will continue working my way through the ranks on live.

The only other comment I have is that it would be nice to have an option to report controllers much like they can report pilots.

I’ll see you all in the air!

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Hello, Welcome to the Community!

If you wish to create a feature request for these suggestions, you can do so once you achieve TL2. For now, keep being a productive user and you will be there in no time!

Welcome again, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of our mods/regulars. :) Glad you are liking Infinite Flight!!

Here are some links to get you started:




You do have unrealistic expectations. If it’s training server, don’t expect much. They are “learning” well most of them are.

Keep flying and you will reach grade 3 in no time. Then you can join IFATC. Also only IFATC can ghost aircraft while controlling, and were not allowed to control on training server. So don’t worry about a TS1 controller ghosting you.


You may want to try looking through the ATC Tracking Threads on the forum to find one that is open, and then go to wherever that controller is. They are likely to be a bit more competent, and of course you can provide them constructive feedback on their thread or via PM.

Avoid KLAX and EGLL on Training Server.


Like it was previously states above, don’t have very high expectations for ATC on the training server since most of the people there don’t know what they’re doing, keeping in mind there are still some who know what they’re doing, like myself :)

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The problem I’ve encountered on TS is when I’m flying, ATC tends to lose awareness or not be able to do things in an efficient or accurate manner. When I’m controlling, I try to be realistic but when people decide to do their own thing or be stubborn about something I sort of give up. I generally will prioritize the planes that listen, although it isn’t realistic obviously and it doesn’t change anything either since the planes that aren’t listening don’t care what I do lol

As topic said. Its Training server. cannot expect too much. people are new and still learning out there. move up ranks and fly in expert server. you’ll find highly qualified, and competent controller out there. :)

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Your best option for the Training Server is to try and follow the featured airports for the week

ATCEG have controllers training on TS and will try and follow the featured regions that are on the Expert Server, you’ll have a much better chance of a more enjoyable experience

You can learn more here

The tracking threads are also a good way of seeing where controllers are active, many of the people with tracking threads are actively training for IFATC applications



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