Unrealistic Approches Into KORD

Hello IFC! Being a Chicagoan and a local avgeek, I frequently notice that whenever ATC is in KORD, there are unrealistic approaches, especially for the specific runways being used. Below are two images of a flight path along the appropriate approaches for KORD for their respective runways:

Here is the standard approach for runways 28L, 28C, 28R, 27L, and 27R

Here is the standard approach for runways 10R, 10C, 10L, 09R, and 09L

You can take any day and any aircraft arriving into Chicago KORD and they will follow one of those two approaches.

Additionally, all landings either happen on runway 09L, 09R, 10C, 10R, 27R, 28C, and 28L. Takes offs only happen on runways 27L, 28R, 22L, and 09R. Of course, this is all taken into consideration winds and what not.

But, is there anyway for IFATC to take this into consideration for approaches into KORD? This will make the simulator more realistic and fun for everyone. Just a suggestion, thanks! 😁😁

IFATC will take these into account to some degree. If it’s going to help manage traffic then sure but most of the time it will simply increase waiting times which is not what controllers want to do. The real world operations can’t be implemented fully given the high density of traffic we are on infinite flight and it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience with all the extra delays. Everyone comes in to land at the same time and wants to depart at the same time.


These two words don’t really work well together. Some people just want to have fun, and land as soon as possible (not realistic). They don’t want to fly 10NM away from the airport then come back when there’s no traffic. Others want to be realistic but can’t have fun because others aren’t following the charts or arrival routes. So, it’s almost impossible (unless you give violations for those not following, which is highly unlikely to happen)

Sometime we (IFATC) do use some real approaches like in special airport (NZQN, LPMA, KASE etc.)


The approach paths for most of the aircraft coming into 28C and 27L looked like that this, this morning. I was South Approach, @Julius97 was North Approach handling 28C, 27L and 27R. We love using real world procedures when possible. :)


It’s considered and found to be unimportant in our service provided.

With all due respect, Brandon, I did not find this to be a very professional response from someone who is an IFATC Supervisor. I get you may dislike the idea of using realistic ops, but speaking on behalf of the entire team and considering this as “unimportant” is something I did not expect to see from someone in your position.

The previous responses, given by other IFATC folks, were much more respectful than yours, to be frank. Even though you may not like the idea of realistic ops, that doesn’t mean the rest of the team doesn’t.

I think we want to reassure the community that IFATC is building up to using realistic ops. We’ve had this discussion time and time again. Even though it’s not the most ideal in some situations, given the current ATC system, at least there is some effort being put in to make it possible. Making a comment about the matter being “unimportant” just further proves that some IFATC members are not very open and accepting of criticisms.

Respectfully, as always.


I don’t think so, as there was much more players flying into KORD, than in real life currently. I am also quite concerned about the 2 Approach towers in KORD. 🤨

Well @Nathan I’m sorry you were offended by my response however real life procedures are completely unimportant in IF as it stands.

  1. No clearance delivery so inbound and outbound traffic are highly unrealistic

  2. In real life approach does not Vector you for an entire approach which is why you have arrival and approach plates. They simply clear you for an approach or arrival. Do they Vector you to that approach or arrival? Often times they do however once in them the pilots fly them on their own.

So since we cannot issue a specific arrival or approach, or departure and most of the flying community doesn’t use them. Vectoring an already un realistic amount of traffic down them is unnecessary or important.

Let’s not kid our selves that’s why they were developed in the first place to relieve the controller of doing it all.

  1. Controllers at KORD have spent years at the same airport learning every in and out of that specific airport. Expecting a volunteer group to be able to accomplish the same is again unnecessary or important to the service provided.

  2. The pilot community in real life is filled with people who have dedicated years to their career. Flown over 1,500 hours at a minimum to fly a commercial airliner and have received the proper training in. Non of which we have in IF. So once again it becomes unnecessary and unimportant for the service provided.

Knowing how an airport operates in real life is helpful however expecting it to be executed properly in a mobile sim with unrealistic amounts of traffic is in its self unrealistic.

So I will stand behind my original post that real life procedures are completely unimportant to the service provided.


See? This was a much more professional reply. Your last reply sounded very dismissive. If this was said in the beginning, there would’ve been no issues.

Good points. Yes, I did state that the current ATC system doesn’t make full fledged realism possible or practical, but we are making active attempts to get it as close to reality with the current system we have now. On the expert server, I am seeing some better flying etiquette in the players, but it’s obviously not perfect. Even though there are vast differences in the skills of the pilot community, there are many ways to improve this (for another topic, though).

At some point, the ATC feature will reach full, if not close to full, realism in the coming years whether it be on this platform or something more advanced. We’re still making great strides at trying to reach this goal but it’s something that simply can’t be done overnight. The effort is something that is more commendable versus not trying at all. :)



I’m just utilizing my resources and found this lovely topic that the BluePanda wrote explaining why we are unable to plan, route, permit, etc. certain procedures. If you have any questions, I’d kindly ask that you continue the discussion there. Thanks!