Unreal amount of lag when spawned

Hi guys, so I just spawned in at EHAM multiple times in an E190 at different B-gates. So for the first 5-10 seconds everything is fine. And then IF just starts lagging really much. I tried lowering my graphics, airplane count and tried plugging in and out my phone but nothing works. Once I end the flight, everything goes back to normal.

I use an iPhone 7 32GB, I have a strong internet connection and everything is just as I fly normally…

Does this only happen at the B gates of EHAM?

Let me try recreate the issue.

Was this on solo or on a live server?

Oke so I’ve tried everything except for the first rule when something doesn’t work… Turn it on and off. Just restarted the app and it doesn’t happen anymore…
Sorry and this can be closed I guess…

Your first step before going into the forum should be to restart the app, unless you are in the middle of a flight. Anyways, thanks for letting us know!

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Yeah, going to make another cup of coffee haha. Thank you too!

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