Unqualified ATC controller

Alright thanks I’ll check it out now.

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Yep just message the controller and see how it goes from there. End of discussion

Thanks for helping guys.

Wouldn’t it be better to message the controller directly and ask him about the reason?

The log book or replays will show you exactly who the controller was. All we are doing right now is speculating about the reason for ghosting.
Maybe after you get the reason you can enlighten us all so it serves as a future lesson.

He can’t send the PM himself since he is TL0. Someone has to set him up for a PM with the controller or the controller contacts him, after we know who it is :)

I know who it is I’ll direct message him.

Ok sorry did not know that

You can’t I don’t think you TL0

Just give us the name of the controller and we can help you out @Matthew_Dalu

I’m pretty confident that PM is a function available from TL1 and upwards, so if he gives us the name of the controller then we can further assist him with setting up a PM for them.

Anyways, that’s about it, he gives us the name and from there we help him. Till then there is no need to continue and discussion or repeat the same thing multiple times, thank you :)


Just check your logbook and see who ghosted you as people already stated above and one of us can forward you to the controller. Have a nice day! 😀

Yep your exactly right😀

Ok everyone, we are going in circles. No need to make this overly complicated.

@Matthew_Dalu - I know you are looking but let us know the name of the controller. If you were reported this will be in your logbook.

@ everyone else - TL0 users cannot message people. Please read the entire thread before posting the same things over and over as it has been said multiple times that TL0 cannot PM. In situations like this an ATC supervisor or moderator will contact the controller and they will message the pilot.


Okay. I was at this exact airport at the exact same time you were there. I can even find you on my replay. There were 50+ planes in air and 20+ on ground. There was a heavy traffic. He closed airspsace for 5 minutes and I coming was told to go into holding. He then stated Approach closing. It then went to Unicom where you could have landed at your own navigation


Most Probably I was the controller, I’ll pm you shortly.