Unqualified ATC controller

Hi I’m Matthew I was playing infinite flight for around 3-4 years and I was playing right now and yesterday I got to grade 3 I departed from an airport today and I was gonna land in an active airport but the ATC told me he is not accepting any incoming traffic but there was space for me to land on a runway behind an aircraft that was gonna land in a few seconds he denied my enter I went around he told me to turn left so I turned left he was trying to get me out of the airport so I turned left 200 I followed the instructions and at last he just reported me every time I enter this server I get banned by unqualified ATC controllers how can I just get ghosted for doing nothing this ATC controller isn’t qualified there was a runway an open runway I can defend in and land safely but he just denied my entering to the airport and I could have landed but he didn’t want I don’t know what was wrong with ATC but i assure you 100% I was following instructions I keep entering that server but all I get is ghosting from these ATC and when I follow the rules like come on! I love your updates and the game I was playing it before global for a really long time and this is how ATC repay me please help me out,thank you.

Can you specify the controller? Because you would need to PM them… if this is on Expert Server!

There may have been an event going on, or the airspace was busy at the time

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He cant he is TL0

We can alert the controller and have them reach out themselves.
As @B787fan said, please check your logbook and let us know who your controller was.

Was ATIS available during that time? Because it could have said something about denying aircraft

ATIS will not tell you if the airport is closed. It may tell you to expect delays, but not that it’s closed.

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Ah okay then

All ATC are highly qualified. Before getting mad and blaming it on ATC check to see if you were in the wrong or if you have all information available. I highly doubt that’s how an IFATC “repays” you. ATC closed airspsace at SCEL today. Yeah, I could have squeezed in behind another aircraft but I went into holding like everyone else. I didn’t go blaming our fabulous IFATC as “unqualified”.


I defiantly Agree with you. No IFATC controller is quote “unqualified”. There could have been many reasons for the issues…

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You probably took off from a nearby airport? And also all IFATC are qualified. They are IFATC for a reason.

ATIS wasn’t active in and I don’t remember the controller but he was active in SCEL airport at 15:51:58 that time got ghosted for no reason I was yesterday in an event and there was hella lot of aircrafts and I safely landed at the airport that ATC controller was a pro not like this guy there was 4 aircrafts and he said “Due to heavy traffic airport is not accepting incoming traffic at this time” please any admin review this incident I really want to return to expert server because I know how to fly I don’t want to go to training server people there don’t know how to fly properly thank you for your understanding.

I took off from a nearby airport turned around and went out of the airspace I followed instructions and boom got ghosted for no reason.

You need to look at your replay and see who the controller is. Rambling on about how you were “ghosted for no reason” won’t get you anywhere, especially since you can’t PM yet. You need to find out who the controller is so they can get in contact and discuss with you.

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Do you know who the controller was?

Well that’s why then because you can’t takeoff from an airport within 50 miles from an Active IFATC airport they don’t usually allow that because it blocks other traffic coming from different airports further out


It wasn’t ATIS it was approach he told me he wasn’t accepting any incoming traffic and there was only 4 aircrafts landing come on he didn’t even answer my messages he just told me turn left heading 200 I turned left and he ghosted me.

But what if I took off and went outside the airspace like 30 miles and started to turn?
I waited for months and now I have to wait for a whole year.

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I think that can go both ways because sometimes I take off from a nearby airport way closer the 50 miles and they still can let me in

Cut the discussion. @Matthew_Dalu, Check your logbook to see who ghosted you. There’s no point in explaining for us what went wrong, that’s between you and the controller who was in charge.

We can’t help you unless you give us the name of the controller and from there we can set you up for a PM with the correct ATC.