Unproffesional ATC

Hello, i am a grade 3 pilot in Infinite flight And I have just gotten a report on expert server by ATC for “not following orders” I was AT JFK when the ATC requested me to line up with runway 31L, however after i had lined up, ATC Said “Hold short of runway 31L. I didn’t underatand what to do, i couldnt possibly pushback back to the tarmac. Because of this, i had gotten a report. Can someone help me please as I am quite confused about this problem. I do nit Knox the ATC’s name neither can i check because i am not able to be in Expert servers…

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Got screenshots? And also contact the controller via PM that helps

Hi there and merry christmas!
What you should do is find out the ATC that reported you, and then PM them.

Unfortunately no

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Also can someone tag GAF IFATC Acerobit

@Aceorbit hey man being tagged

You can see who reported you in your logbook. Once you know who PM them.

its @Aceorbit as controller

How? I cant enter Expert servers And merry christmas to you too…

Oh thanks, so what do I do know?

Thanks, didnt know that

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Pm him, and ask politely about the incident and why you were reported.

Please PM them. Thanks!

Cya next week expert server!:(

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PM the controller as noted, I’m certain he will be glad to provide insight and helpful information :)

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