Unprofessionalism on the Expert Server and a solution

its only an idea guys, its not that im trying to boss around, im just trying to explain my frustation, and trying to look for a solution

This is ok. It doesn’t matter what livery your using


Expert server is for professionalism not realism. Only line jumping and not following taxi speed limits are being unprofessional. The rest is just being picky on realism.


oke i can agree on that now,

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We are also saying that the Mods and devs are trying a perfect solution cannot be found without disappointing people and most likely scaring off some players you just got to deal with it :)

I am starting to feel like this is getting out of hand. I believe everyone must do a deep breath and relax for a second and before posting make sure your topic hasnt been posted already so we aren’t repeating our selves and make sure it isnt mean to hateful in anyway be kind.

Here is another topic to reference aswell:

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This brings up a difficult question of what a simulator is really meant to be. The term “simulator” is used really loosely nowadays; it can mean a game meant to accurately replicate the real world and can be used as a learning tool (P3D for instance), or a game where you really can just do whatever (Steam “simulators”). IMO I think it’s the former and people should try to replicate the real world as much as possible, but because people think of the genre two different ways, you get two different audiences.

And it’s really not such a big deal. Lack of professionalism is annoying at times, but eventually you just gotta learn you don’t always get what you want. Just get used to it.


Expert Server ≠ Realism and nowhere does it say you have to be realistic with the flights you choose to do on ES.


There are requirements to hit the expert server. Flight time, landings, ratios, violations, etc. I have seen plenty of grade 5 users abusing things so I am not sure how this will solve anything other than frustrating the good pilots trying to advance.

In my referee life I always hear “Why can you stop that from happening”. It really comes down to it does not work like that, some things are reactive in nature. Sure the developers can put all sorts of rules in place, violations for everything. But what happens if you have someone who frankly does not care. They will do what they want and get the violation. There is simply no way to stop someone from doing something that you perceive to be wrong. What if they disabled strobes until they are on the runway? Ok but what about cases where it is needed off of the runway. The same with other lights. The violation system is not perfect but it is better than nothing. Doing too much and you impact the user experience. Taxiing, we have a speed limit in the sim. If they choose to get violations let them. After a while the violations will add up and they will not be able to access it.

I see other comments that blur the line with realism. I don’t know of any sim that gets to the realism everyone touts with planes, liveries, and routes. Its a simulator after all. Realism and Professionalism are two very different things.

Bottom line is any multi-player environment is going to have the rogue players that abuse the rules. There are things in place to try to mitigate that without impacting the lives of pilots who are following the rules.

If people wanted a video game like simulator where the sim does all the thinking and actions for you then they can use one of the many other sims out there. But people choose Infinite Flight for the physics and options available for the pilot to be in total control.

There are many topics on these items that the devs have addressed many times. Changes are always being made to help the system out


Beautifully stated thanks @Chris_S :)


well thanks for your answer, a proper answer (not sarcastic :D )

It think I need to point out that the only examples here that can even lead to a violation are landing at small airports and following too closely, and even these usually come with a warning first.
Also remember that since we don’t have every livery in IF, someone is gonna fly small aircraft as substitues as larger aircraft or vice versa (eg. Westjet 737 transatlantic).

people please drop the livery/aircraft type thingy, people made their point about that, and it changed my mind, lets talk about the real violations here now, like what chris stated

Ok what do you mean about violations like ATC or just expert in general

I have 246 flight hours since I purchased a pro subscription in March. If there was a requirement for 500 hours before being allowed on the Expert Server, I would have cancelled my subscription a loooonnnnggggg time ago. I would’ve been a dissatisfied customer and Infinite Flight would’ve lost my money.

The point of the Expert Server is for real world flying procedures to be followed - thus the speed restrictions, acrobatics violations, and use of realistic procedures in ATC controlled airspace. Everything regarding incorrect liveries and use of lights has been stated above.

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both, taxi speed and getting to close or going through people for example

Ok Taxi speed people may be in a rush to get up in the air due to something that comes up (I have had that alot iof times)

Getting to close you have to understand some people have their plane count on 0 due to device restrictions so they may just estimate the plane but may miss it or go through it because they cant see the box whilst taxing close and go through them

I might add that some people think that 20 is somehow a taxi limit. The IRL limit is usually 30 and 20 is only a recommened max, and I think it’s only for stop and go traffic.

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There’s already a taxi speed limit which seems fair enough in my eyes. For aircraft going through each other it’s kind of tough. In cruise, when most people aren’t at their devices, flying through someone else will almost always be accidental.

On the ground, I understand that taxiing through others is sometimes a problem. But usually there’s ATC around to report users for doing so, plus implementing an auto violation for that on the ground but not in the air would probably be difficult. Also, at busy fields, many users have to turn their airplane count down and may not see everyone else at all times. So if someone clips another plane for that reason, is it really enough reason to give a system violation? I’m not sure… just asking rhetorically

refer to chris statement