Unprofessionalism on the Expert Server and a solution

I’ve made a similar topic about this before and many many other people did this before me. But i still think I need say something about this as it seems it hasn’t been taken seriously or there hasn’t been taken action yet. (As far i can see, don’t blame me if i didn’t.)

Strobe lights on at the taxiway, taxiing against the speed limit, try to get as close to the airplane ahead to skip a place in queue for the runway, and many more examples.

This isn’t Expert Server behavior, this is Casual/Training Server behaviour. I noticed that most of the people with this behaviour are the less experienced ones. People with less than 500 hours in IF.

Therefore I have an idea:
(I’m not uploading this to the feature category, as I think this is more of a discussion post than a feature post.)

My idea is to set a minimum required amount of flight hours to join the Expert Server. A minimum of at least 500 flight hours, so we can minimize that unprofessionalism in the expert server.

I would really like to see the devs opinion about this, because this is really getting annoying.

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I understand your frustration but then people who like to troll will do anything they can to get those hours to come on and then troll you there really is no solution to do this unless we have an extremely expert server with heavy rules, restrictions which sort of ruins the experience I guess we just have to live with the trolls but always stay professional you can help stop it by not encouraging it

I don’t think this would help as hours doesn’t mean professionalism. I understand your frustration, though.


i dont believe all of them are trolls, lots of them are just inexperienced, and that flight time requiredment gives them them the time to learn how to really do things, but yeah heavier rules and restrictions dont sound bad to me

Undoubtedly, the Expert Server will always have people trolling, it will always have people not following the rules. Just like every place in the world, there’s always someone who doesn’t want to follow the rules. I don’t really think this would be the answer though. There are better Grade 1 pilots than some Grade 5 pilots. I just believe that we need to have some sort of education, this way people can learn the proper ways of flying,


it gives them time to learn things

Yep there is virtually nothing we can do well said @Sashaz55

Won’t help really they can have all the others and then just go and troll …

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I totally understand. It’s annoying when I see people doing these types of things. But strobe lights are a minor annoyance and aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

And for those stuck on training who just joined, the ones who want to be realistic on expert, it could take twice as long to be able to access expert. Plus, I don’t have 500 hours on IF either, lol.

There will always be people who ruin the fun and realism. People will just get more hours so they can troll again. But, nice idea. I just don’t think this is the right solution.

well atleast bring the flight time required somewhat up, i see people with about 60 hours flying on expert and really showing their inexperience, and isn’t it called “Expert server” , not so much expert if i look at it now

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^ GA do not apply to this thanks to ADSB. (if your being realistic)

Someone can have 1000k hrs. I know someone who is Grade 4 and is super unprofessional. Their grade doesnt really talk about experience and or Professionalism. It would be nice if they were required to accept a agreement when they join the server. Oh wait we already have that but people still dont listen regardless. You cant stop someone from being impaction or unprofessional as you dont know this person and this person doesnt know you. Just something that on expert we have to deal with until the devs figure out a way they can rework the grade table or new flying violations.

I keep saying it is not going to help people will always be trolls there is no perfect solution whether it be increasing XP, Flight time, Landings, violations etc people will always troll and ruin the experience that is part of gaming and flight sims devs are doing there best to combat this

  • XP = You can do Touch and goes

  • Landings = Touch and goes

  • Flight time = Just keep doing long hauls

  • Violations = Be professional with ATC when they are around

again there are not just trolls, some are just really inexperienced

You need to understand that people are paying for Infinite Flight and thus have total freedom on what aircraft/livery they choose to fly. This is not a form of trolling in any way.


Ok then let them learn no one comes onto Expert is 100% Perfect at flying I know I wasn’t but now I think I am great you have to let them break into it get used to it we cant be mad at them if it is there first flight on Expert if they mess up and it ruins your experience

I agree with you Philippe

I’ve mentioned this before in one of the many countless threads addressing this… I think. But would really like to iterate it:


Having yellow stripes I, II, III, IIII, next to your ID on screen won’t just signify your hours put in, but also means you’ve passed a progressive automated test independent of grade: understanding taxiing, good conduct, understanding ATC comms, etc.

Also, a lot of people would do silly things when “authority’s not around” but having four yellow stripes next to your name would probably boost up that self respect in public, anywhere, regardless of grades (excluding Casual Server of course lol).

NOTE: Not a feature request, just an idea…

And if someone is taxiing above 35kts they should get a violation warning. For the cutting in line, if you’re flying to an airport with ATC this shouldn’t happen as that person would immediately get reported.

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and therefore we have Training Server

It is easy to progress through training point?