Unprofessional Behaviour on Expert

So the button exists for those for whom it works…


No they do not. Not anymore

Did u manage to catch his callsign?

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A little contradicting. Why put yourself out there to ruin his experience because he did it to you? If you believe his actions were considered being a beginner than you should not do the same and fall in to the same trap of being a beginner. I mean if you believe that flight hours represents how good of a pilot you are then I assume that you have more than 106hrs and are a “better pilot” than him, so why do what he did. That’s a double sides sword of words you used there…

Additionally, from time to time these incidents may occur. Rarely compared to TS but happens. Even happens very rarely IRL, so the best you can do is report this to a Mod or Staff with Callsign and Display Name details and for you in the game, a Go-around is your best option to avoid any collision.


i am rushing time and have to go to school
if wasn’t he i would butter and end the flight ASAP

well, simple. dont rush ur landing next to important stuff in life. Expect the unexpected

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“If it don’t look right coming down.” LUL


Don’t wait until you’re sideways maybe sliding on the ground

Revenge is not a solution and i agree we need stricter rules at TS and ES.


One advice if you are really busy with your schedules, make sure you are prepared for any type of scenario to happen when you fly on Infinite Flight, or probably further predict the flight prior to takeoff.

Any how, please do not take revenge on anyone on Infinite Flight, indeed there might be pilots who are disturbing to pilots who take the sim seriously, but at the same to be a serious pilot we can always go around and land again. This will be what a professional pilot would do… Safety comes first~


You can’t report them however you can vote here for stricter rules:

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Something has to be done with this whole expert thing as it’s getting ridiculous

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Ohhhhh boy.

I have seen this particular user before. I was participating in a DLVA group flight from KDEN-KMSN, and he/she took off, copied flight plan and started flying through those at cruise at high speed. (He/she is obviously not part of DLVA, and the IFC name they use does not correspond to a user) In summary, not the first time this user has shown bad behavior. Maybe something for mods to look into.


😡really angry with these people
But anyways
We can ignore them😊

Hey, I have 120 hours!! I can be more realistic than pilots with 1000 hours! It’s just how many hours you play. Also, Don’t just assume please.


But, I have been in a situation like this with this guy so annoying!


Yes, i am not assuming 106 hours is noob, but his behaviour is really noob.
Of course i have see many pro at 100- hours.

Yes, I agree, Wish there was more we can do. I just hope this does not happen again to you or me 😮


There’s more unprofessional attitude in some of the posts in this topic than this incident.