Unprofessional Behaviour on Expert

can i report a guy on expert, because of this?

**entering runway when i am 2nm away

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Well yes you can but did that person get clearance to enter the RWY

The pilot report system does nothing - the system was removed because pilots were abusing it. Only IFATC, mods and staff can report pilots.


Well if that’s the case then why can I still do that

You can always go around.


The report button is still there - it just doesn’t do anything.


You can attempt to find him on IFC and have a talk. If not then, it’s hard to contact him. You could have gone around

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Ah then that’s not good

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@virginatlantic28 who was the person entering the RWY

PS:IFATC,Nearby Mods or Staff have/reserve the right to report other pilots

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I have always been a bit puzzled as to why the devs didn’t remove the button when they removed its ability to actually report pilots - but hey ho that’s just the way it is.


I think they should improve the “report” mechanism so it doesn’t gets abused but actually does it job.

For example needing multiple pilots to report the same person or system activated that entering the runway without calling out…

None the less the report button doesn’t work now

Not trying to go off topic

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Well if that’s the case then there’s nothing we can do about it

But let’s focus on this

his name is IFC-samuxlXVI

Then you need to PM him also I tried searching him up and I gotta no result

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there is nobody called this name

Not the first time this person has caused trouble


For now unfortunately you can only sort this out in the PMs, maybe remind him not to do that next time…

Oops sorry, well then there is nothing we can do…


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and i will do the same thing he did to me at heathrow
if i see him again
i will pilot my plane onto the runway
when he is on final

There have been many topics on pilot behavior worsening on Expert server. Please do not become the subject of those topics by disregarding the rules just because he did it to you. If you find him on the IFC, go ahead and send a PM (or whatever action you decide to take).

Go ahead and deal with this as you wish, but please try not to fight fire with fire, as this just causes more issues. :)