Unprofessional behaviour on Expert Server

So me on final at SBGR on Expert, no ATC. I announce I am on final runway 9L on Unicom. 5nm out I spot a KLM 787 on final for 27R. I decide to continue approach since he is on 8 mile final. We both land at the same time and we collide on the runway. After me saying I’m on final and sending traffic advisories 6 times. After we both exited the runway he proceeded to taxi through an American Virtual plane. This is expert server. And if you ever are flying on expert server, be professional.


Why did you not report him?

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Sorry to hear about such a bad experience. Was 09L the real life runway?

My advice: Do a 360 for spacing and make a relaxed approach once the other player landed. This improves your experience as you can’t do anything against unprofessional behaviour unfortunately.


The report button isn’t working for “normal“ players anymore.


Oh lol, didn’t even notice


If you find this at such a level,

I suggest PM’ing a Moderator with a screenshot of you colliding with the other person. The mods will decide what to do from there.

The report button is only for IFATC

I couldn’t get a screenshot and deleted the replay. Ask @Connor4477 or @CaptainBaez they were there and Baez was the AAVA plane


Then I suggest contacting those two players and asking them if they have the replay so they could take a screenshot for you.

09L was the real life runway, everyone else was using 27s he was the only aircraft using 09s

Why didn’t you ‘go around’ when it became apparent you were both going to hit the tarmac?

I thought he was still 3nm out so it’s his responsibility to Go around

Remember, you can always go around.

Just because you were landing on the correct runway doesn’t mean that the pilot on the opposite side has to go around.


Thought so. My advice is the same nonetheless as you simply can’t change the behaviour of others (even if they should have performed a go-around).

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I wrote a post about this last week I know exactly the feeling 👊🏻

Yeah. I wish IFATC was there to ghost him

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Very understandable. Shouldn’t happen on expert and would have made me very mad as well.

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You have to understand that you are the pilot flying your plane. It’s not the opposite Pilots responsibility to go around.

I actually wouldn’t complain, because I would’ve gone around. So I recommend doing the right thing by excecuting a missed approach or go around rather then complaining how you collided with someone.

I mean, you had the chance to go around so 🤷‍♂️

While I understand your frustration, other people also pay money for the game. You can’t demand them to do something they shouldn’t. That’s why IFATC is there to ghost if needed, however they were not present in this situation. They are human beings as well. They can’t always be there.

It’s up to you, as a pilot to make the right decision.


Sorry to hear this. If you have screenshots as evidence go contact a moderator to get it sorted.


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