Unprofessional atc workers on the expert server

I’m at San Antonio and wanted to do a short hop down into Austin because I was bored and just needed a quick flight and a atc worker was clearly not paying attention at all and the airport was not that busy but he was not paying attention he had us waiting to cross empty runways for like 10 minutes he was operating tower too but why take up two operations if you can’t maintain them so I’m waiting on the runway to takeoff it’s been a while too and two other planes come and wait to takeoff meanwhile I was the first there and I’m not trying to wait all day he clears another plane to takeoff so I was annoyed with waiting and took matters into my own hands and decided to takeoff myself and I get a level two violation come on man idk how this dude even was able to become an ifatc

Is there anyone who can help with this situation and review this and maybe strip this guy or even being able to control another airport


Wait so you took off without permission?

That’s the worst thing you could do
And the easiest way to get things like a violation


Here’s where you failed.
Don’t assume the controllers are unaware of the situation. There’s most likely much more going on than you can see.