Unprofessional ATC on expert Kansai Airport

This ATC (Mr.Yudanto)did not do his right job and given out ridiculous reason to force me out.Please strengthen his training about proper manner and trafficing aircraft approach.

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Before blaming, ATC, you might want to see if you’ve done something wrong… IFATC are specially trained in what they do. They will not be trolling


Hello! Is this the expert server or training server? If expert, I believe this may be your controller.


Please contact him about the situation :)

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And yes, like Panther stated, IFATC members go through strict training before being accepted. I’m 99.9% sure he was not doing this intentionally.

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I can’t see any error from the ATC. In addition, IFATC’s are extremely well trained and they know what they are doing. They have to go through a process before the controls are allowed to go through.

If you still want to talk with the controller, go ahead. @Raihan_Yudanto was the controller. He will be happy to explain what and how he did it.


Alright I will find him after he ends the services,don’t judge before your see the turth! I am doing a proper landing.

I also just sent you a PM, it seems like it was partly your fault for calling inbound incorrectly.

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You’re right but also don’t publicly shame someone when this can be resolved in a pm. If it doesn’t work out, add @moderators


Only @Jeff_Wang fault. Couldn’t see anything wrong from the controller in those logs except for the missing pattern entry


What means Unable to communicate, this is unreasonable and unlawful consigue,the atc channel is on after 16:00 JP time from guilde slope.

I highly suggest checking out the user guide here:

This will give you a guide on the proper way to contact ATC in each scenario because honestly, except for the missed pattern entry that @Beniamino noticed, the controller handled this situation quite well and patiently.

Have a great day/night

Thanks for your guidelines,I did the right thing to land,there is no need or nesserary to force me out!!!

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Not a good idea to use those words on forum which possibly has kids under 14… :)