Unprofessional ATC at Amsterdam (EHAM)

Today I was landing at amsterdam airport (EHAM), I reported on final and the atc (IF name: IFATC Emiel) told me to avoid unnecessary reports and he gave authorization to take off an a320 (callsign: AMERICAN) when I was about to make the touch in the runway, and the a320 didnt care and followed the takeoff run, I have the evidence, always the same thing, they don’t see if there is traffic on final, IFATC should ghost it or tell it to exit runway immediately, he really needs some classes on how to be IFATC, I think all the people says that IFATC are highly trained, this is not true.
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For any comments and concerns, it’s best to PM the controller. The controller’s tag is @Emiel_l


Hi there!
IFATC are very overloaded, they are human and make mistakes! I don’t think this is really a necessary thread you could always contact @Emiel_l and he can explain things!
Happy Flying


Yes, since we are in this situation the numbers of applications increased a lot and there is a bunch of "new people " that arrive and sometimes go straight into “busy” without going slowly . But IFATC team is aware of that and everyone makes mistakes just shoot a PM to the controller and it will be solved


Hey mate. I am sorry to hear your unhappy experience today at EHAM.
It was really busy and things like this unfortunately happen. At the end we’re all humans and we make mistakes every now and then.
Next time just shoot the controller a pm instead of creating a topic for it. Thank you!


Please PM the controller.