Unpredictability of ATC in regards to controlled airports

I’m sorry about the tone of this post but I have a bit to rant about. When it comes to controlled airports on the Expert Server, it’s rather hard to predict wether the airport you’ll be flying into would be controlled or not regardless of the ATC schedule that has been laid out. it has happened multiple times that I’ve flown long haul flights (14-15 hrs) into a certain airport that was supposed to be controlled and it just goes offline when I’m 100nm from it. I know gathering the manpower for controlling multiple airports at the same time is hard but then again, there should be a certain sense of predictability about the airport you’re flying into. maybe divide time between certain airports that are featured in Tyler’s schedule or maybe have one airport of the highlighted region that is controlled throughout the day no matter what? what are your views on this issue?

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IFATC is a volunteer service, we control when we can. We would love to keep the entire schedule open at all times but there aren’t enough of us to do that at all times.

With regards to airports closing before you get there, we try to get a replacement when we can, but that isn’t always possible. Even keeping an airport open at all times is a challenge, as if someone can find a airport to take over they will open a new one. Right now we do have to stay open for a hour at larger airports to minimise this happening.


This is not really an issue, the controllers also have lives like us and sometimes they can’t control an airport for a long time. As @Benjwri said above, IFATC is a volunteer work, and they are not forced to work.


One thing for sure when I’m in IFATC I’m be on the whole day I know how it feels 15 hours of flying then getting to the airport with no atc or anyone sucks yes I feel you brotha I’m break the record of being the on atc in expert once I’m in IFATC

If you want to breach 22 hours active online, be my guest…


We all do our best, and if at all possible we stay active if we have inbound traffic. But at some point, you will have to leave. Even if you’ve been active “the whole day”, whenever you do go off line, you’ll probably leave someone hanging


ATC service is provided by people like you – we are IF users and we volunteer our time doing ATC work. Instead of flying, we control. The team puts a lot of hours in, every single day and the main airports of the schedule are most of the time staffed. You may not realize, but in any given week if you add up all of the ATC frequencies that are open it adds up to 900h+ of controlling PER WEEK. That’s a lot!

You can also always join the team and help contribute so we have more frequencies open.

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It feels like atc logs out while I’m en-route about 80% of the time and I don’t fly long hauls. It definitely frustrating and I wish I could be on a frequency all the time but people do have lives outside of the sim.

There are more IFATC that are in Europe and America, so to try get some ATC plan arriving at a time where they’ll be on. Perhaps afternoons.
I try get on as much as possible, and I have to be on for an hour minimum.

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