Unpleasant Flight

Hello IFC!!

Earlier today I was doing my flight between MPTO and MMGL, and this person followed me all the Flight. He took off right after me, without any kind of separation. During the Flight, he was passing by me, speed up, speed down. During the approach, at MMGL, as you all can see on prints, he just passed me without respect. I was reporting my positions, and even tough he didn’t respect anything.

This flight was on expert server. I dona’ the identifier, but on the game was 890A69C4, callsign TI-MAU.

I don’t know how can I report this, but I wish it wouldn’t happen again

Thank you so much.

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Hello and sorry for the unpleasant session. A PM to the @moderators group with this information would be the direction to go. They are the people who will look into the matter and take the needed actions to ensure this doesn’t happen assuming it was on the expert sever.

Simply reach out to us if an issue like this ever occurs again.