Unplanned formation flight over Israel!

I was doing some pattern job near Gaza Strip, and this guy (4X-IDF) was already doing some patterns. I joined his pattern for 10 minutes then I continued flight to Incirlik Air Base (LTAG) to refuel after loitering around over Israel for 30min.

(My flight pattern and 4X-IDF’s (Since we can’t see our own flight pattern I used site called Live Flight)

Some screenshots… These taken over Gaza Strip…


This is a very professional flight!


“Virtual pilot of Elon Musk” first time sees military flight patterns 💀💀😭😭😭


I just rarely see them in the sim


Nice formation flight. Looks satisfying

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nice shots

Flying over a IRL active war zone isn’t exactly a routine military pattern…

Do they have any air defence?

they do I’m pretty sure

Yea me too

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I don’t think they do

Can you tell me how many Israeli aircraft shot down?

102 aircraft in total. (all time, not since the war started)

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