UNOFFICIAL Top 5 3D Airports Released in 22.2

Unofficial Top 5 3D Airports Released in 22.2

With update 22.2 rolling out, the number of 3D airports in Infinite Flight has officially broken 200 mark. Each and every of them is a work of art created by wonderful airport editors. They deserve a round applause! 👏

In this topic I chose 5 top 3D airports that I think can be highlights of this update. The airport size, location, airlines served, routes variety as well as some uniqueness are taken into account. In fact, this update brings us so many essential 3Ds that it’s so hard to choose!

The Top 5 Airports:

  • KBUR: Bob Hope (Hollywood Burbank) Airport

  • LFMN: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

  • OMAA: Abu Dhabi Int’l

  • LQSA: Sarajevo Int’l

  • YDPO: Devonport Airport

KBUR: Bob Hope (Hollywood Burbank) Airport

Avelo B738 departing Burbank in Infinite Flight

It’s nice to see Infinite Flight collaborating with airlines again! This time we got the brand new Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-800, along with BUR as one of their hubs.

Whether blasting out of the airport en route to one of your favorite Avelo destinations, or challenging yourself by following the Four Stacks visual approach (no stacks in IF though!), this airport will be the perfect choice for your next flight in US west if you are tired of flying LAX-SFO.

LFMN: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport in Infinite Flight

This update features a series of airports with challenging approaches, and this one in France stands out as a representative of them all. Due to noise abatement requirements, overflying Nice is strictly prohibited, and you will have to visually turn final following the coastline of Nice. The approach into runway 22s is nicknamed “Saleya approach” for the turning point is near the Cours Saleya market. Consider buying some fresh products after arrival?

OMAA: Abu Dhabi Int’l

Boeing 777 taking off from Abu Dhabi in Infinite Flight

This essential hub in the Middle East is finally here, with the curved custom tower and a massive midfield terminal, equipped with movable jetbridges and safedocks. What makes this even more special is how the editor is able to recreate this giant architecture with lego-brick like building resources. Well done!

LQSA: Sarajevo Int’l

Sarajevo Airport in Infinite Flight

This airport is truly a hidden gem in the Balkans. Surrounded by mountains, this airport features a “one way in, one way out” configuration: 11 for landing and 29 for takeoff, posing great challenge to both the approach controller and the pilot. This airport serves multiple low-cost airlines across the Europe, so why not hop into one of your favorite aircraft and give this airport some love?

YDPO: Devonport Airport

Devonport Airport in Infinite Flight

Who says a class echo airport can’t be super detailed? Thanks to @Declan , we are now able to enjoy this small airfield with high level of detail. I personally love the fully paved parking lot, which adds a nice touch of realism. This airport has scheduled flight to Melbourne operated by Qantaslink Dash 8 (in real life the Q300 variant), but it can also be the ideal choice for some light aircraft flying!

So, what are you waiting for?
I’ve shown you the top 5 airports of 22.2 of my choice. What do you think of these airports? Do you have other nice options?

This is also the first time for me to write an IF blog-style topic. If you like this kind of topic I will consider writing one for every update.


That’s certainly a nice list of airports you’ve got there. Glad you liked Devonport!