Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles [777 Family]

Yes, exactly. The added speed on Vref varies based on the wind as well.

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Okay, It seemed strange to me the Final App. Speed only was 130 kts

I was about to like this then saw it was on 69.

Awesome thread Deer!

Bookmarked for future flights with the 777.

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Thank you for this 🙏

Edit/Change log:

  • Revised 777-300ER and 777-200ER table with more accurate real world values.
  • Added Boeing 777 Quick Reference Guide
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Thats is a really fast approach lol

Well, you shouldnt really even be approaching at that weight. Quite a bit over MLW

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Hi y’all, I seem to be having some issues flying the B777’s, none of the final approach speeds seem to correspond with the speeds I have when flying. I’ll give an example: on final, 13kts head wind, 45% load (below MLW), full flaps and 30% trim. According to the QRG I am doing everything right. Yet my approach speed (airspeed) is 135kts, and my B777 seems to dislike that as I have to stay around 0.5° positive pitch. I touchdown at a speed of around 125KTS. it’s quite annoying, as it doesnt seem to be realistic.

To conclude, does anyone happen to have a solution for this?
Thanks in advance!

great. and thanks for sharing this resourceful post.

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The best is to read the fcom (easy to find online) and get the useful numbers. Takes some time, but worth it in my view if one flies an aircraft regularly.
My two cents, of course
Happy flying!
An extract here :


Awesome! Thanks for your reply :))

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