UNOFFICIAL New features Poll!!

I have a few ideas and would really appreciate a vote but this is Unofficial! Please don’t close this poll because even though this may have duplicate options and is unofficial I really do want to see this through my own perspective

  • A350 family (800-900-1000)
  • Landing smoke
  • Interactive Cockpit
  • Airbus A380 remaster with China southern livery and house livery
  • Airbus A330 and A340 Remaster with Added liveries
  • Airport scenery
  • More private jets
  • Clouds
  • Contrails
  • Landmarks
  • Openable Cargo Doors on Other Freight aircraft (747-8 or 777f)
  • Aircraft failures
  • Specific aircraft noises (bigger engines sound different to smaller engines)
  • Gear tilt
  • Cockpit lights That you can turn on and off
  • AI Aircraft And ATC in Solo Mode

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No need for this. Multiple aircraft in the poll are already voted on. So it’s like a duplicate times 11…


Yes, I agree. If you want a feature, please put it in the #features category. But, make sure they are not duplicates.

I feel like these are the things you want in the game…

I couldn’t put it in the features category, sorry 😕

I’m just generalising at the moment but I can add in any suggestions if you would like 👍🏽

Oh yes. It’s because you are not TL2. Well then I think this is ok.

Why would you after creating 11 duplicates in 1 post…

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I just wanted to see how the community sees it through a more specific perspective

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You all can take your conversations to PM from here unless it actually has to do with the features.


If you were to make a poll…

The 747 Dreamlifter would be in there! (#5)

I’ll add that in before you vote

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Hello Jack, there are multiple requests in #features where you can vote for features that have yet been added into the mobile simulator “Infinite Flight” also if you would like to make a #features request you must be TL2 (Member) you’re currently TL1 (Basic User)
More on Trust Levels here

Like, contribute, stay civilized, and make meaningful posts and have meaningful discussions with other users and you will be there in no time 🙂😉.
All the best, 305…


Thanks for the help 👍🏽


My greatest and absolute pleasure to help you this evening, any questions or inquary’s that you have please dont hesitate to click on my profile and send me a private message, warm regards, 305…

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