Unofficial Infinite Flight Ad

Hey guys, I recently made an unofficial Infinite Flight ad, because there hasn’t been an updated advertisement in a while. So I decided to make one myself, it took about 2 weeks to make, it was a lot of fun!

P.S: The audio is low because of a rendering problem, the issue has been fixed and I have another rendered version of this video with normal audio.


This is an amazing 2016 video! Good job!


Thank you very much!


Nice! Amazing

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Excellent work! But the Dash didn´t receive the attention it deserves, its IF second turboprop.
I didn´t like the music, I think it needs to be as catchy as the current advertisement.

If you make a second one, I suggest showing the fighters, more of the Dash 8 and the Super Decathlon.

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Good old Alan Walker…


I thought the C208 was the first turboprop the Dash is the first twin engine turboprop.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will keep in mind the turboprop and fighter jets for the next unofficial advertisement.

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Corrected. Thanks.

The super decathlon? Why that one? What about the spitfire or P-38?

The Spitfire and P-38 are fighters.

Tell me of another aircraft in Infinite Flight that can make aerobatic maneuvers. Fighters don´t count.


Good point.

Amazing music :)

What is this plane

Boeing 748, it’s paid.

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Great Job! I like this ad ;)

The song is “Faded” by Alan Walker right?


not really cool as the 2014 one by FDS

  1. the words in the video ruined it
  2. you used all sunset/sunrise and one part in night
  3. only 5 seconds in live
    I will rate it 4.5/10[quote=“Lare, post:18, topic:40792”]
    music ruins it
    He suppose to use music doesn’t make me sleeps

The videoclips themselves were good, perhaps a bit more diversity would have been nice.

The music and the standard font completely messed the video up, completely. Simple fade in, fade out transitions all over the video and just the naked videoclips. Needs more editing.

If I could record Infinite Flight, I’d love to do an own one.


Nice job @ItsPerses very nice.