Unnessesary planes draining my storage

While playing IF i relised that some planes that i didn’t ask for were downloading without my consent this problem has been going on for a while

If you can help please comment

Safe Landings

I guess it usually happens when you see an aircraft not downloaded by you on live.


Sorry. Unfortunately, you can not do anything about it :(…

Your best option is to reinstall the app once in a while to reset your aircrafts or you can vote for this feature here: No automatic download of Planes or ability to delete

  • Regards Ryan

I don’t think its too much of an issue considering it takes up around 2.9GB of storage which half of that alone is other parts of the simulator

If someone has a 16gb phone that’s about 20% of their storage… Not an insignificant amount.


@pidge In this case, it shouldn’t be surprising as the game NEEDS to download the aircraft in order for them to appear in live so really the app is kind of doing a favour…

Yeah, but you’re missing the main point I was making. 3GB is not an insignificant amount of storage for anyone who has 16gb of storage which quite a lot of people do…

I’m not getting into an argument about of this, but 3GB is a lot of storage for someone with a 16GB phone



Well unfortunately there really is no fix for this so you’ll just have to deal with it or uninstall if it is too much storage. Delete unnecessary items on your phone but wouldn’t start sacrificing important things such as photos and contacts just to make room for IF