Unnecessary Violation


So I flew with EZS A320 from Basel - Madrid. I was taxiing and suddenly my plane falls of into the ground and made a couple of times acrobatic. My plane was in the ground and did acrobatics and then i got a violation level 1 for nothing. Check my replay I did nothing. I just turned from Sierra 1 taxiway to the taxi delta straight for RWY 15.

Could you delete my unnecessary violation please?


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That happened to me last month as well, it kinda sucked. I feel ya!!

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Thanks dude!! But did they deleted our violation? That wouldn’t be fair

No, tbh I didn’t make a case about cuz it was a bug idk lol

Yeah but also an unnecessary Violation…

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100% it definitely wasn’t my fault, I think I was taxing with 15GS which I always do with heavies, and yup out of no where I fall into this sink whole looooool

I was a heavy A320 ngl at 10 knots… but yeah ill wait for someone that could delete my violation :)

I hope they do🙏

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Im sure they will do it ;)

Since it was caused by a technical issue with the app, the violation has been removed.