Unnecessary speed

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For example
If you fly on expert server, at FL250, Airspeed Mach 0,7 or what else, and are inbound to an airport with approach frequencie…
You know we approach controllers will decend you, but please!!! Look at your speed, if we tell you “decent to 11.000” you should know the next level is under 10.000, and under 10.000 you must fly slower than 250kn. I hate it so much if i vector 15 planes, and one -sjdjsjeheh- fly at 11.000ft with 450kn GS. And you know, we are all volunteers here, please make our work not more difficult… I know, we have speed comands, but the pilots should “think a little bit” in the last 2-3 days I gave every plane “decent to 11.000ft” and one second later “do not exceed 250kn” but also for you pilots, should we tell you everything?!
And also the VS decent… at my second day as an app controller on Expert server, I had a plane, at 40.000ft, I say "decent to 37.000… oh yeah, he decent with 250ft/min… i have him a hold, he don’t know what an hold is, i vectored him 40min around the map, from the top to the bottom and from left to the right and so on… pls guys, decent like Real life, half of Groundspeed or what else…

At the end of the story, Iam German, there it could be that the grammar is not perfect but I think it is understandable…



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You realize the speed that shows is groundspeed don’t you? A slow down to 250 would actually be going slower than that in airspeed.

I know… but if I see on my radar 450kn GS, Iam sure that’s over 250kn Airspeed. And the reason why I had wrote this is because I give “decent to 8.000” but the pilot is still at 350kn Airspeed, he must First slow down 100kn until he can start his decend…

Okay. I just wanted to make sure you aware of this.

Myself I’m usually down to ~230 IAS by the time I break FL110.

This has happened to me once before as a pilot. I was only 20 knots above 250, so I quickly disengaged AP and pitched up to slow down enough. It was caused by lack of concentration and I kicked myself for it. (To be honest, I grounded myself for the rest of the day and just did ATC work on TS1.)

Keep your wits about you pilots! When you are in the hands of approach, it doesn’t mean you can shut off your brain. Be aware of your speeds, especially while descending. Use your spoilers to help you descend quicker without gaining too much speed. Don’t descend at 4000fpm. Be mindful of your altitude BEFORE you reach Approaches frequency. ATC work is stressful enough, lets not compound the problem with inconsiderate flying.


Yeah, that is right… I also know people that climb only to 10.100ft and fly with 549kn GS … but if anyone fly on expert server, with approach and something… it’s unnecessary to fly everytime more than 250kn… I see so often in Pilotseye videos an Lufthansa approach, with ATC, in the cockpit, and and and… LH490, inbound to Seattle decent from FL280 to FL250, and if they reached FL250, they reduced to 250kn…

No longer possible on airliners since violations for +350 IAS/M.87

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