Unnecessary Reports

Today I wanted to fly from Sion (LSGS) to Zurich (LSZH).
I flew with a friend, so we had added „Flight of 2“ go our Callsign.
My Friend was the one monitoring the ATC for us. He had Requested Takeoff on Runway 25, as we got cleared for our Departure we went on the Runway and took off.
As far as I‘m concerned we did it correct (Tell me if I‘m wrong!)

So as we took off I got reported by the Tower Controller?! Is that really necessary? So I‘m back from Grade 4 in Grade 2 now what really annoys me because I won‘t be able to fly on Expert Server for 7 Days.


Contact whoever was controlling at the time.

Also, did the tower clear you or just him?

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@Koiix I believe this is for you.


Yes very confusing here. You shoukd have been in the right with a Flight of 2 in your callsign. You didnt inadvertenly contqct ATC did you when your friend was the contact? That may have thrown ATC off


I was just in his/her frequency…

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in the pm’s


We would highly appreciate Staff in this case.
If u had ur callsign to flight of 2 and u did all the commands correct, it might have been a mistake by the controller ignoring the callsign. Can u remember the controllers name? If not so, check flightbook and scroll back to the flight, the info will be standing there. We can go on if we know the controllers name to get a different view into this and possibly the necessary explination.

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