Unnecessary report

heya, i did have a case open but i closed due to me not receiving notifications. i’m fully prepeared to file an unneceseery report, thank you lewis

Hey DM @appeals. Or the controller that ghosted you.

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Follow this for future use, if you can’t DM then DM @appeals, if you are TL1 or above then DM controller

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Hi Lewis!

As others have mentioned, there are many ways to appeal your report! Unfortunately you are not the proper TL to be able to message individuals on the forum just yet.

Would you please take a look in your IF Logbook and find the name of the controller who reported you?

I can help you come in contact with them.


Edit; turns out all users can PM appeals. My bad!

Should this be in ATC category?

No, it should not.

Oh Ok. @Thunderbolt

hiya, here is the name of the controller that filed the report, thank you ‘IFAE - MrMrMan’

@MrMrMan, send Lewis a PM when you can.

Lewis, feel free to message @appeals in the future. You can message us regardless of your forum level.

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