Unnecessary New Update Topics

Hi all!
With the recent rolling out of the new December update, there has been many topics that have been created about how awesome this new update is. Those topics aren’t needed. If you would like to talk about how amazing this update is, keep it to the following thread.

And if you have some cool pictures…

Also, make sure to spread the word about this amazing sim. Rating it in the AppStore is the greatest way to do so. Thanks everyone! See you in the skies!


Agreed. Any appreciation for the new update needs to be directed to the given topic above.

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Appreciation is best received by app store reviews and telling a friend (or seven) about Infinite Flight

The mod team will work to make sure things do not get out of hand.


All of the comments make the mods feel good about the hard work that they put into this update!

For now… They dont hurt you and they dont bite, so I dont see a reason for people not to show how much they love the update (Whether on the app store, IFC or the Thread for the update! :)

Tbh… This topic might be just as useless as those ones… :P


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