Unnecessary Ghosting

I haven’t flown in awhile but I’ve been grade 5 before. I was just flying in Denver and was in the pattern. I was cleared for the option and while I was on short final another aircraft entered the runway. I powered up for a go-around since I was going to be in the traffic pattern. As soon as I got aloft I was ghosted for “taking off/landing without permission. I was already cleared for the option do what gives? The ghosting downgraded my to grade 2. I’d like some insight on this to what I might have done wrong.


Hello there! Please look into your logbooks and contact the ATC controller via a PM. However, to do this, you have to be TL1, keep liking and posting and you will get there in no time!


Or the controller can contact him directly…once we know who it is


Here on IFC, we always want to decrease the amount of ‘unecessary ghosting’ articles, so try to get in contact with your ATC controller ASAP.

Going onto a higher note, we are glad to see you in the community! Enjoy the party!

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Well, aloft from short final? Aloft from the ground? There’s a big difference.


It appears the issue is solved. @WooPig76, if you have any further questions, DM @blue_bird.

@blue_bird In the future, it might be better to do explaining via PM as it saves the ghosted pilot from possible embarrassment. Just a suggestion. 🤷‍♂️


It appears you landed on 17R rather than your assigned 17L @WooPig76…which is why you were ghosted

What happened to addressing Report queries via Direct Message? I am flagging this thread to be closed and suggest now that any further discussions are done outside this thread.