Unnecessary ghosting warning.

Hope everyone 's doing great. I’m so happy to be back playing IF, I haven’t played in months it feels awesome.
However, I have to say something about what happened yesterday (Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the replay cause I thought it won’t be necessary.)
So I was in Sydney (Thai 77 Heavy) and I was instructed to line up and wait on 34L by Tower. I started entering the runway, then I was instructed to take off and then immediate take off. Note that I always try my best to play the game in the most realistic way possible. So I enter the runway with normal speed and not a hundred knots for example.
Suddenly out of nowhere ATC tells me that I will be ghosted if I don’t follow instructions.

So here’s the problem: ATC has no right At All to tell me that, cause I was indeed following instructions probably more than all other players. ATC told me to immediate takeoff and that is exactly what I did I didn’t line up and wait.
After the msg, I barely even had the chance to line up correctly, I immediately took off cause I didn’t want to get ghosted.
My message here: ATC could have easily told the plane that was about to land to go around, OR told me to hold short of the runway, and not tell me to follow instructions. After taking off I immediately canceled my flight cause I was pissed off.
I know their job is not easy ik that for sure (Especially that I’m applying to become an air traffic controller in real life), but don’t go telling people that just because I should have taken off faster.

Anyways, thank you for trying to understand what I mean by this post and have a wonderful day.


It is just a warning, there is no big issue here!